Fresh, quality food

tailored to your appetite

wherever you work

without the hassle

at any time

A few steps away

  • Nutritious meals, snacks, and drinks, available 24/7
  • Mixing up meal times for 50 - 500 employees
  • Fully automatic vending machine tailored to your tastes
Here, the Foodji Automat already makes people full and happy every day:
Our Food

A fresh take on vending machine food that will surprise you!

Foodji - Food vending machine - Bowl with potatoesFoodji - Food vending machine - BurgerFoodji - food vending machine - chocolate barFoodji - Food vending machine - Drinks
Main meals for all tastes, available 24/7
Range of smaller dishes for mid-shift hungers
100+ snacks, from healthy to indulgent
Soda or smoothie, whenever you feel thirsty
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CO² Compensation
Recyclable packaging
 & still super tasty
KI Suppport
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Boost your team’s wellbeing. It is more than calories...

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No additional costs, invest or commodity risk

Test a Foodji in your workplace for 3 months and decide afterwards with your team if you want to keep it.

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Felix Munte, CEO and founder
at Foodji

9 out of 10 of our customers would recommend the Foodji vending machine to their circle of friends.

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Food has the power to make every day better

Foodji is committed to making your employees happy

Foodji - Food vending machine - Happy

When people feel encouraged and energised, they have the power to do great things. And we believe good food can fuel their greatness. We call it nourishment.

When a person feels nourished, they’re at their best – ready to concentrate, take on challenges, and tackle whatever the working day might throw their way. 

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Foodji providing 24/7 nourishment

Foodji - food vending machine - Bowl

What you eat has a lasting effect on your long-term health. But in the short term, good food makes you feel more energised for the task at hand.

With our extensive range of snacks, meals, and drinks, you’ll always have an option to match your appetite – whether you’re looking for a healthy bite, a hearty meal, or something more indulgent.

Is it tasty? Come and test.

Foodji, Bringing people together

Foodji - food vending machine - table conversations

Food creates a place of exchange, and our Foodji vending machines make people coming together.

At meals and during breaks, people get to know each other beyond work – and they also get to exchange ideas with colleagues from right across the workplace. Plus, when you don’t spend time looking for food, there’s more chances to simply hang out and be together.

Is it tasty? Come and test.

Bringing excitement to your workplace

Foodji - food vending machine - image - vending machine in office

Food can create a space for people to gather in – not because they have to, but because they want to.

Our Foodji vending machines can enhance any space they’re placed, taking up just 1m2 but offering so much more to the areas they occupy.

Is it tasty? Come and test.

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  • Test the food vending machine 3 months free of charge
  • Decide afterwards with your team if you want to keep it
  • Test a selection of delicious, healthy Foodji meals as a team
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