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How Enpal solved the catering problem on site with Foodji

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Problem: No restaurants in the vicinity
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The company

Enpal is one of the leading companies for leasing solar plants in Germany

As the first green unicorn in Germany, Enpal B.V. is one of the leading companies for leasing solar systems. At its headquarters, 1,000 administrative employees work on several floors.

"It is important for us to be an attractive company for talents. In addition, we want to create a culture that conveys our core values of sustainability and innovation and where everyone:r feels comfortable," says Luise, Employer Branding Specialist at Enpal.

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The challenge

In-house healthy lunch option due to lack of food options in the area

When opening a new office location, Enpal faced a key challenge. There were very few food options such as restaurants or snack bars in the area surrounding the new office.

Employees had to bring their own food from home or allow enough time in their lunch break to find a suitable restaurant. To avoid this, many employees regularly went to the nearest supermarket. But there were only a few wholesome and healthy meals available for the lunch break. Spontaneous breaks with colleagues were also rarely possible.

"It was important to us to offer our employees space and time for relaxation and social exchange during the break. For this reason, we were looking for an internal catering solution."
An in-house catering solution provides a convenient lunch solution, as employees do not have to leave their work environment to find a meal. This saves time and promotes efficient use of working time.
Enpal before Foodji

Foodji as a real benefit for every day

While looking for an internal catering solution, Enpal happened to notice Foodji on LinkedIn. After receiving a test package from Foodji, Enpal decided to try Foodji in a test phase lasting several months.

With Foodji, Enpal found a no-fuss lunch option that fit the company's values. "Foodji requires only 1 m² of space and is open 24 hours a day. That's great, because our employees can decide for themselves when they want to eat."

Also the food offer at the Foodji and the Zero-Food-Waste concept were immediately appealing. With a wide variety of choices and a large vegetarian offering, Enpal created a lunch that is diverse and reaches each of their employees. The Enpal employees' favorite meal: Lentil curry and the vegan falafel salad bowl.

"Foodji is also passionate about operating sustainably and not throwing away food. That's what particularly excited us about the concept, as it fits with our core value of sustainability."

Highlights in the decision

To offer its employees real added value, Enpal also subsidizes food at Foodji tax-free. By offering discounted meals, the company promotes healthy eating in the workplace and offers all employees - from trainees to executives - an attractive meal plan for every day.

"The Foodji has a solid fan base that buys food there regularly. I'm sure there would be complaints if the Foodji left us."

Luise Schuler
Luise Schuler
Employer Branding Specialist
The results

Already gefoodji-ed today?

The Foodji is a great relief for employees, especially on stressful workdays. Because they can now enjoy their break in the company. In just a few seconds, they can make purchases at the Foodji and thus use their entire break for eating, relaxing and sharing.

But even on normal days, the Foodji offers employees unbeatable added value. The Foodji is located on the fifth floor of the large kitchen at the headquarters in Berlin. Colleagues often meet there for lunch and eat together. This has further strengthened the collaborative atmosphere and open communication.

Enpal is convinced of the innovative concept and the cooperation with Foodji works smoothly. For this reason, the Enpaler:innen have now set up three Foodjis at their premises: another at a second location and a second at headquarters.

The acceptance of the Foodji is so great that after a short time another Foodji was set up in one of the Enpal offices. There are now 3 Enpal Foodjis.

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