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Alternative canteen: What distinguishes Foodji from a canteen?

Employee catering such as a cafeteria or foodji offers numerous benefits that positively impact the company, culture and well-being of employees.

The benefits of a catering service are great - but not every company has the resources and budget to afford a canteen. That's why we'd like to introduce Foodji below as a cost-effective cafeteria alternative that can be

  • with the same high quality
  • any company can afford
  • and open 24/7.
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Alternatives - comparison foodji vs. canteenAlternative canteen: employees enjoy food from the FoodjiAlternative canteen: Canteen equipment
Fresh, high-quality food
High quality and freshness of dishes
High quality and freshness of dishes
Investment: 0 €
High time expenditure and considerable costs - from approx. 100.000 € / 100 m².
Operating costs
Monthly fee (no other operating costs)
Monthly personnel, goods and operating costs in the 4 to 6-digit range
Effort in administration
None - Foodji offers a full service
High effort in administration
Opening hours
Access around the clock
Mostly only over the lunch period
Security Efforts
Already all fulfilled by Foodji
Needed is hygiene, accident and fire protection
1 m² space
Very much space for output and rooms for kitchen, staff, guests
Tax-free‍ meal allowance
Meal allowance is common, without payroll intervention
Meal allowance is common
Concept against food waste
Depending on the concept, but often associated with a lot of remaining food (waste)
Foodji does not require any staff

Shortage of staff and skilled workers can lead to fluctuations in quality and restricted opening hours
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Why is internal catering like a canteen important for companies in the first place?

An internal catering service is a communal catering service that people can access directly at their workplace. In addition to a canteen, this can be the foodji (as a food vending machine) as an alternative to the cafeteria. But for what purpose do companies invest in such an offer?

Foodji - Employee catering - Image - Happy employees
  • Employee catering promotes a balanced diet with a fresh and healthy range of food and thus the concentration, productivity and long-term health of employees. To this end, it is also a popular health management tool.
  • In-house catering helps increase employee satisfaction by providing a pleasant and social environment for employees to interact and relax. This also promotes exchange (in contrast to meal vouchers), which improves the WE feeling and working atmosphere and strengthens employee loyalty.
  • A cafeteria also offers a convenient lunch option, as employees do not have to leave their work environment to find a meal. This saves time and promotes efficient use of working time.
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So foodji or canteen?

A canteen has many advantages and is especially characterized by the personal interaction between employees in the canteen and visitors. On the other hand, a company canteen is very expensive, requires a lot of space and comes with some additional expenses such as safety regulations or shortage of skilled workers.

For many small and medium-sized companies, a classic canteen is therefore not an option. For companies with as few as 30 employees, the Foodji as a healthy food vending machine is an attractive solution instead of a classic company canteen. This is also especially true for companies with shift work or flexible working hours.

But many larger companies also consciously decide against a canteen for these reasons. What is the best catering for a company thus depends on the individual circumstances and preferences.

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Low cost
Fresh & high quality food
Uncomplicated, fast solution
The canteen for any size of company (from 30 employees)
Open around the clock,(therefore especially suitable for manufacturing companies).
Complex implementation
High cost
Human Resources
Fresh & high quality food

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Foodji as a canteen alternative

What are the forms of community catering?

An internal employee catering counts in the Gastro to the community catering. Depending on who the gastro's guests are, other names are used for the catering services. In schools or universities it is called a refectory. If the guests are employees, e.g. in an office, it is not called a cafeteria, but a canteen, a staff restaurant or, in general, employee catering. In addition, there is a cafeteria, Smart Fridges (German "intelligent refrigerator") or external offers such as ordering from a delivery service. Some companies also offer meal vouchers or limit the catering offer to a refrigerator. However, these solutions do not fulfill the advantages of a restaurant or cafeteria directly at the workplace.

What kind of food is available during the "lunch break"?

Many companies pay attention to health and sustainability when it comes to workplace nutrition. To this end, these restaurants often cook healthy dishes such as salads or more vegetarian dishes or less meat in addition to the classic currywurst. The gastronomic offer is also rounded off by the provider with a selection of delicious food and drinks. After all, access to the right food at the lunch table (by this we don't just mean classic lunch, but your meal at work, no matter what time) promotes concentrated and productive work. For this reason, the company cafeteria, and with it the choice of the right cafeteria meal, is a popular health management tool.

Can Foodji be used as a supplement to the canteen?

Many larger employers use Foodji to supplement their existing catering. Especially for companies with extended break times (e.g. night shift), this is a decisive advantage to cover the demand beyond the lunch break. With Foodji, opening hours can be extended in an uncomplicated way at moderate costs. This applies above all to producton and logistics companies or hospitals. But also offices with flexible working models also benefit. Branch offices or companies with a large campus are also popular use cases for a foodji as a canteen supplement. This way, all employees - regardless of location/campus - can be reached with the benefit of community catering.

How often do the dishes in the foodji change?

The foodji is freshly filled several times a week on specified days. The menu changes with each filling. The purpose of this is to ensure that the menu is tailored to your team. If your team often orders salads, meat or vegetarian meals, more salads, meat dishes or vegetarian meals will be offered. The food at Foodji tastes as fresh as you know it from a usual company restaurant. Due to the variety, it is possible to order a different main dish at Foodji every day for up to eight weeks. For every taste there is a varied, delicious lunch at the canteen or breakfast. What is your favorite canteen food?

What purpose do extended opening hours serve?

Not every employee has the opportunity to take part in the classic Monday to Friday lunch. Especially people who work in shifts or on weekends do not have access to it. A cafeteria that is only open for lunch from Monday to Friday does not reach them. With a cafeteria that is open around the clock or at least has extended opening hours, everyone can be catered for. The purpose: this communicates appreciation and promotes health and satisfaction. After all, especially on the night shift, it's important for the body to eat healthy and prevent cravings. This can be promoted by the employer through a balanced menu and varied cuisine.

Is there an option for companies to offer a meal subsidy at Foodji?

Yes. As with a classic canteen, the employer can subsidize the daily meal (main dishes, breakfast until 11 a.m., snacks, drinks) at the Foodji tax-free. Thanks to the intelligent system of the Foodji it can be ensured without effort that all tax conditions such as the non-cash benefit value are complied with. In addition, it may be that external persons have access to the Foodji at your location (e.g. visitors or employees of other companies). In this case, it is ensured that only employees have access to the allowance. The grant can be customized for a variety of use cases.