Your advantage

Tax-free meal allowance

  • Attractive, fair catering offer
  • No intervention in payroll accounting
  • Digital subsidy in the Foodji app
Foodji - Employee catering - Lunch table
The solution for employees

The meal allowance as added value

With a meal allowance, you create an attractive catering offer for all employees across all salary structures.

Your company determines how high the meal allowance can be, we implement it in the app and make it directly available to employees.

food subsidy
The solution for the company

An investment that pays off.

With the Foodji food vending machine, your company is not only investing in employee catering, but also in the health, loyalty and satisfaction of the entire team:
  • A benefit for 365 days a year: create an attractive workplace!
  • Employee retention - invest early and thus minimize high hiring costs
  • No intervention in your payroll accounting: 100% digital billing between the guest and Foodji
"Foodji's technology ensures that no pecuniary advantage arises in a financially compliant configuration and provides all relevant evidence. This eliminates the need for payroll accounting."
Sebastian Huber in suit
Daniel Bruno
Tax consultant, GTS Treuhand GmbH, StBG
Added value


Reach more employees using the subsidies

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find a workplace with an attractive catering offer


Attractive salary instrument due to tax-free allowance

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