Comparison of food truck versus foodjiComparison Foodji as an alternative for a canteen
Food truck

What could be better than employee catering?

We compare the Foodji food vending machine with a food truck solution and summarize the most important facts & advantages of the Foodji for you:

  • +300 fresh & healthy main dishes, snacks and drinks
  • 24/7 supply of high-quality food
  • Promoting a positive corporate culture
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Foodji vs. food truckAlternative canteen: employees enjoy food from the FoodjiFood truck
Food truck
Fresh, high-quality food
+300 hot & cold main courses, snacks & drinks
Mostly regional partners
Preparation time
2-3 minutes
2-3 minutes by staff
Opening hours & availability
Available around the clock
Administrative expenses
No administrative effort: seamless integration into the employee's net salary
Organization & billing as an administrative expense
Advance reservation of dishes
Up to 6 hours in advance via app
Not possible
Space-saving solution
1 m² of space is required
High space requirement in the outdoor area
Sustainable quantity planning
Made possible by planning with AI
Personnel expenses
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For more employee satisfaction and energy in the workplace

A key factor in meeting all of these employee needs is employee catering. The availability of fresh food in the company signals appreciation towards employees and contributes to employee loyalty. A high level of employee satisfaction leads to lower staff turnover and a better working atmosphere.

Foodji - Employee catering - Image - Happy employees
  • Employee catering promotes a balanced diet with a fresh and healthy range of food and thus the concentration, productivity and long-term health of employees. To this end, it is also a popular health management tool.
  • In-house catering helps increase employee satisfaction by providing a pleasant and social environment for employees to interact and relax. This also promotes exchange (in contrast to meal vouchers), which improves the WE feeling and working atmosphere and strengthens employee loyalty.
  • A cafeteria also offers a convenient lunch option, as employees do not have to leave their work environment to find a meal. This saves time and promotes efficient use of working time.
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Foodji or food truck?What do you want for your business?

Employee catering with a food truck or foodji offers numerous advantages that can have a positive impact on the company, culture and the well-being of employees. Not every company has the personnel resources and the necessary space for a classic food truck.

That is why we would like to present Foodji as a cost-effective and space-saving alternative that every company can afford while maintaining the same quality and being open 24/7 without the need for staff. In-house catering helps to increase employee satisfaction as it offers employees a pleasant and social environment in which they can exchange ideas and relax. This promotes interaction, which improves the sense of togetherness and the working atmosphere and strengthens employee loyalty.

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Low cost
Fresh & high quality food
Uncomplicated, fast solution
From 30 employees present daily
Open around the clock
Meal subsidy possible, but organizational effort
High organizational/administrative effort
fresh & quality food
Food truck

Let's talk about fresh food in the workplace.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Foodji vs. food truck

Why are food truck solutions not suitable for every company?

In an era characterized by constant change and disruptive innovation, traditional business practices are also subject to a critical review of their relevance and effectiveness. This applies in particular to the way in which employees are catered for.

While a food truck was long regarded as a cool alternative to the traditional canteen to satisfy hunger in the workplace, the increasingly dynamic nature of modern working life and the changing expectations of employees raises the question: Is food truck catering still fit for purpose?

Compared to innovative and sustainable catering approaches such as Foodji, a food truck no longer seems to meet the demands of the modern working world.

Why is intensive catering important for companies?

Employee catering by Foodji promotes a balanced diet with a fresh and healthy offer and thus the concentration, productivity and long-term health of the team. To this end, it is also a popular health management tool.

The Foodji is filled 2-3 times a week with fresh, delicious food. We place a very high value on the freshness and quality of our ingredients and products and want all employees to have access to healthy food in the workplace.

A food truck can certainly offer exciting catering, but the street food concept is more suitable for events due to the limited selection and preparation options. The dishes are usually consumed outside and therefore offer the ideal & tasty catering solution for outdoor events.

Can Foodji be used as a supplement to the canteen?

Many larger employers use Foodji to supplement their existing catering. Especially for companies with extended break times (e.g. night shift), this is a decisive advantage to cover the demand beyond the lunch break. With Foodji, opening hours can be extended in an uncomplicated way at moderate costs. This applies above all to producton and logistics companies or hospitals. But also offices with flexible working models also benefit. Branch offices or companies with a large campus are also popular use cases for a foodji as a canteen supplement. This way, all employees - regardless of location/campus - can be reached with the benefit of community catering.

Which dishes are in the Foodji?

In addition to freshness, variety is important to us: we stock the Foodji with different main dishes from a wide range of cuisines: Italian, Greek, German, Asian and many more. We attach great importance to ensuring that vegetarians and vegans also find the right dish for them. Do you already know our nine dean&david salads? They are amazing! We offer a large selection of snacks such as wraps and sandwiches to satisfy small appetites.
Here you can find a small selection of our diverse range.
Street food from a food truck, on the other hand, is better suited to outdoor events. However, if the concept is tailored to companies, a street food solution can also be interesting for employee catering. However, you should get enough information beforehand.  

What purpose do extended opening hours serve?

Not every employee has the opportunity to take part in the traditional lunch program from Monday to Friday. People who work shifts or weekends in particular do not have access to this. A catering solution that is only open at lunchtime from Monday to Friday therefore does not reach them. A food truck in an outdoor area also has limited opening hours. With a catering service that is open around the clock or at least has extended opening hours, everyone can be catered for. The purpose: this communicates appreciation and promotes health and satisfaction. Especially during the night shift, it is important for the body to eat healthily and prevent cravings. This can be promoted by the employer through a balanced menu and varied cuisine.

Is there an option for companies to offer a meal subsidy at Foodji?

Yes, as with a traditional canteen, the employer can subsidize the daily meal (main courses, breakfast until 11 a.m., snacks, drinks) at Foodji tax-free. Thanks to the intelligent system of the Foodji system makes it easy to ensure that all tax conditions, such as the non-cash benefit value, are met. It may also be the case that external persons at your location have access to the Foodji (e.g. visitors or employees of other companies). In this case, it is ensured that only employees have access to the allowance. The subsidy can be customized for a wide variety of use cases.
The food subsidy is a highly valued benefit that attracts employees out of the building and back to the office.