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Attractive workplace at the Liftstar Campus thanks to new catering offer

Head office Cologne Marsdorf
930 employees
Challenge: long walks to supermarkets & public canteen
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More recovery time during breaks
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The company

Liftstar is the market leader in stairlifts

The company employs a total of 930 people throughout Germany, 380 of whom work at the Cologne site.

Liftstar break roomFoodjis at Liftstar
The challenge

Attractive company location thanks to in-house dining options

There are only a few supermarkets in the vicinity of Liftstar and a public canteen, which requires a long walk and takes up a lot of time during the lunch break - spontaneous, efficient breaks with colleagues are therefore hardly possible.

With this in mind, Liftstar set itself the goal of making the company's location more attractive and ensuring a conveniently accessible and time-independent food supply for its employees. This was not only to make working in the office attractive again despite the option of working from home, but also to accommodate the company's strong general growth.

An in-house catering solution provides a convenient lunch solution, as employees do not have to leave their work environment to find a meal. This saves time and promotes efficient use of working time.
Liftstar break room

Foodji: The new meeting place for lift stars

The company became aware of Foodji through a recommendation from an employee. After examining various options, Liftstar chose Foodji thanks to its ease of use, the round-the-clock availability of options and the variety on offer.

The company was immediately impressed by the variety of different dishes . From hearty traditional dishes such as spaghetti Bolognese or Schupfnudeln to fresh salads from dean&david, there is something for all tastes.

Liftstar thus found an uncomplicated solution to cater for all employees at the site.

Highlights in the decision

"With the tax-free meal allowance, we are creating an attractive catering offer on our campus - this is perceived as a real benefit and is greatly appreciated by our employees."

Christian Fessel
Head of Human Resources
The results

Foodji as real added value

Although there were initially concerns about freshness and availability, these were quickly dispelled by the continuous replenishment of fresh, high-quality meals. Liftstar subsidizes its employees' meals with up to €10 per week , thereby promoting healthy eating in the workplace.

Two Foodji vending machines are currently installed in the cafeteria on the Liftstar campus. Pasta dishes are very popular among Liftstar employees . Pasta salad with peppers and feta, Asian noodles with chicken and sesame and penne arrabiata are particularly popular and are among the top 3 favorites.

The introduction of Foodji has significantly improved the catering situation at the Liftstar Campus and made a positive contribution to the attractiveness of the location.

‍TheLiftstar employees appreciate the time savings and flexibility provided by Foodji, which has a positive effect on the break culture and the general working atmosphere.

"Foodji's service combines our requirements for healthy, varied meals for our employees, the prevention of food waste and underlines our New Work concept as a central meeting point in the cafeteria."

Kathrin Seick
Office management

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