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Job attractiveness at abilex thanks to new catering offer

Head office Stuttgart
50 employees at the site
Challenge: high organizational effort for employee catering
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The company

abilex is a renowned consulting and service company

The company specializes in the digital transformation of companies in the areas of marketing, sales and service. With a total of around 90 employees, 50 of whom are based in Stuttgart. abilex has been a Foodji partner since February 2023.

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The challenge

Attractive catering offer for the entire workforce

Before the introduction of Foodji, abilex was faced with the challenge of finding an attractive and practical solution for catering to its employees. The previous supply situation was suboptimal - due to extensive renovation work at an external canteen near abilex, which could also be used, the company was forced to find its own solutions for employee catering.

The first step was to use a food truck to provide catering. However, this did not meet the expectations of the employees due to the limited choice of food. As an alternative, a weekly lunch was then organized at the company's expense in order to meet the needs of the workforce. However, the organization was associated with considerable expense and was not sustainable in the long term.

An in-house catering solution provides a convenient lunch solution, as employees do not have to leave their work environment to find a meal. This saves time and promotes efficient use of working time.
Liftstar break room

Valuable relaxation during the break thanks to Foodji

After abilex had tried out various alternatives, including testing a catering company - which, however, was not convincing in terms of the quality of the dishes and the need for expensive equipment - the choice finally fell on Foodji after an exchange including a test meal.

The decision was based on several factors: on the one hand, the low complexity of implementing the Foodji was convincing, on the other hand, the wide selection of dishes played a decisive role, as it caters to the different tastes of the employees.

Although there were initial doubts regarding taste, freshness and range, these were quickly dispelled by the high quality and variety of the food. In addition, abilex provides employees with a generous meal allowance, which means that the price for a main meal is only €2 and €1 for snacks. This financial support underlines abilex's commitment to the well-being of its employees and strengthens its position as an attractive employer.

Highlights in the decision

"We were looking for a new offer that would also be used sensibly and taste good. With Foodji, we have found a partner that improves employee satisfaction at the site, as employees no longer have to travel long distances for a good lunch and can use their break to relax."

Luise Schuler
Natalie Dörr
Assistant to the management
The results

Foodji as real added value  

The introduction of Foodji has significantly improved the supply situation for abilex employees and opens up a wide range of benefits for both employees and the company. The minimal administrative effort that Foodji offers has significantly reduced the workload for the company. The abilexers' favorite feature is the Foodji app - with it, employees can see which products are available in Foodji from anywhere and reserve their lunch for six hours.

In addition, the break culture at abilex has changed positively since the introduction of Foodji. Thanks to the attractive and varied food options, colleagues come together for lunch in the lounge, which strengthens internal communication and team spirit. Foodji thus actively contributes to the community atmosphere and serves as a topic of conversation that promotes exchange and interaction between employees. This increased social interaction during the lunch break is particularly appreciated by employees and contributes to overall job satisfaction.

The abilex employees' favorite dishes include penne arrabiata, mango-coconut curry with chicken breast strips and gnocchi with spinach, pesto and walnuts.

"We strive to create an environment in which everyone feels comfortable and can develop their full potential. The meal allowance makes the offer attractive for all employees."

Luise Schuler
Elke Loeffler

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