Smart catering for Bremen businesses: Foodji food vending machines now also available in the Hanseatic city

Lunch together
  • Companies in Bremen and the surrounding area can now use the smart food vending machines from Foodji. 
  • The Munich-based food tech market leader has developed an AI-supported solution for company catering that is already being used successfully in southern and western Germany, Hamburg and Berlin.
  • Aircraft manufacturer Airbus uses Foodji to supply employees around the clock.

Bremen, January 15, 2024 - The Munich-based food tech company Foodji aims to provide people with quick, healthy and wholesome meals directly at their workplace. To this end, the founders around Felix Munte and Daniel von Canal have developed a smart food vending machine that provides fresh meals around the clock. The company is now also offering its catering solution in Bremen: Businesses there can now purchase the vending machines including service. This allows them to offer their teams a catering option even if they do not operate their own canteen or have employees working in shifts who need to be fed at night or at the weekend.

‍Airbusrelies on innovative employee catering from Foodji

‍Thefirst companies from the logistics, mechanical engineering, retail and aviation sectors will start using the Foodji vending machines at their Bremen sites in January. Aircraft manufacturer Airbus is one of them. As Head of Catering, Food & Beverage Management, Ole Stechert is responsible for company catering at Airbus in Germany. "We are already using Foodji successfully at other German sites and are delighted to now be able to offer the solution to our teams in Bremen," he explains. "This complements our canteen offering and creates an important opportunity for employees on shift and night shifts in particular to eat quickly and healthily. The combination of canteen and smart vending machine has proven its worth for our employees and offers a full range of meals around the clock."

‍Objective: closing the supply gap

‍Withits flexible vending machine solution, Foodji aims to close a supply gap that primarily affects SMEs. "Around 90 percent of small and medium-sized companies in Germany do not offer their employees their own catering facilities," explains Felix Munte, CEO and co-founder of Foodji. "This gap in provision is often overlooked. Yet a healthy diet in the workplace is essential for employees' ability to concentrate, performance and, of course, their health. In addition, having a food option directly at the workplace saves time: a survey of 1,033 Foodji customers showed that they need an average of 16 minutes less to get food when using a vending machine. Considering that 56% take a maximum of half an hour for lunch, that's a lot. "Foodji's supply solution works through a combination of vending machines, proprietary technology platform and automated supply chain, using AI and machine learning to deliver high quality and healthy meals via the eponymous vending machines and reduce food waste. The Foodji range includes 300 dishes for every taste - from vegan dean&david salads to hearty home cooking - to meet the needs of different target groups.

Interested companies in Bremen can contact Josephine Wichmann, Head of Sales at Foodji, at anfrage@foodji.coman.

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